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The ultracompact nut ball screws consist of double start ball screws with the aim of maintaining the dynamic load performance, static load and axial rigidity reduce the length of the nut to the maximum, offering solutions for cases of space limitation and performance requirement.

The advantages offered by ultracompact nut ball screws:

  • - The nut length is almost half, with the same benefits of Dynamic Load Ca; Static Load Coa and Rigidity of Rb / t nut
  • - As the nut is shorter, the error of pitch of the shaft included in the nut is less, so the variation of torque can improve
  • - The temperature gradient between the two ends of the nut is reduced. In addition, the recirculation of the balls throughout the nut tends to distribute the temperature better
  • - The parallelism and perpendicularity control parameters are better
  • - The implementation of nut cooling systems is facilitated

The COMPLEX ultracompact nut ball screws can be designed with ball external recirculation system "U" or "B", depending on the diameter-pitch-ball combination.

In “U” external ball recirculation system ball return is done via a recirculating tube assisted solely by two ‘U’ shaped deflectors. The external "U" recirculation system contributes to the increase of the dynamic and static load capacities and the axial rigidity of the ball screw, requires less nut length and considerably reduces generated temperature and noise.

In “B” external recirculation system, the number of load bearing balls is considerably increased. The return of the balls occurs through the recirculation tube with the only help of two deflectors in the form of 'B', and which allows in the case of having many circuits to divide them into several reels or independent groups of circuits, improving the smoothness of movement of the ultracompact nut ball screw.

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SHUTON "Engineering Service" offers its customers comprehensive advice for the selection of the PRECISION BALL SCREW and definition of the optimal use mode for each application, studying the different solutions and detecting needs of new developments that may arise. Soon we will put at your disposal the possibility of online simplified ball screw calculation.