High performance ball screws of for positioning applications.

XP Xtrem Position family high performance ball screws are specially designed for production technologies, with special focus on the linear drives in Machine tool applications. This balls crew family emphasizes in the optimized results in rigidity, dynamics and positioning accuracy.

Application areas:

Production technologies:

  • · Lathe and turning centers
  • · Grinding, honing, lapping, and polishing machines
  • · Transfer and reusable machines
  • · Milling machines
  • · Laser, eroding and other cutting machine tools
  • · Gear cutting and finishing machines
  • · Sawing and cutting machines
  • · Drilling, boring machines, combined boring and milling machines
  • · Other cutting machine tools

Main features

Elimination of the chatter effect and the inversion error, avoiding the "lost motion moment" effect, obtaining improved ball bar test results, and therefore considerably improving the surface finish of the work piece, especially in 5-axis machines with challenging machining operations.

Efficient Rigidity, highest rigidity with the lowest preload/temperature.

Higher dynamics, the greater rigidity allows greater accelerations and jerks, thus achieving a more dynamic machine.

DN values of up to 210.000.

Increase of the dynamic and static load capacities of the ball screw, attaining a very high durability with greater fatigue life and capacity to work under the most extreme conditions.

A very high efficiency in low distance forward and backward machining with minimum torque variation.

Very low torque variation along the shaft, offering a very smooth rotation and reduced noise levels.

Rigidity, dynamics, positioning
precision, repetibility, high
performance, durability.

High speed 5 axis, large size and combined machines tools, die mold processing machines, aeronautics and automotive work pieces and other applications with highly demanding conditions.


Short leads and average speed.

Grinding machines
EDM machines



SHUTON-IPIRANGA "Engineering Service" offers its customers comprehensive advice for the selection of the PRECISION BALL SCREW and definition of the optimal use mode for each application, studying the different solutions and detecting needs of new developments that may arise. Soon we will put at your disposal the possibility of online simplified ball screw calculation.