High efficiency ball screws for automation aplications.

XT Xtrem Transport high efficiency ball screws are specially designed for automation applications and are offered in precision and rolled options. This balls crew family emphasizes in the Integrability, Interchangeability and the Quick supply of the ball screws.

Application areas:

- Automation
- Railway
- Automatisms
- Semiconductor
- Actuators

Average load capacity and speed, controlled temperature, high performance and durability, accuracy grades 1-3-5.


Main features

High precision ball screws, assembled with non-preloaded single nuts.

Cost-effective alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

Best performance throughout the life cycle of the ball screw.

High efficiency ball screw in accuracy grades 5 and 7.


Main features:

Efficient solution for the linear drives requiring speed and load, but not the configuration and accuracy grade of a precision ball screw.

Manufactured by cold rolling process under the DIN69051 standard, accuracy classes IT5 and IT7.

DN up to 90000.


SHUTON-IPIRANGA "Engineering Service" offers its customers comprehensive advice for the selection of the PRECISION BALL SCREW and definition of the optimal use mode for each application, studying the different solutions and detecting needs of new developments that may arise. Soon we will put at your disposal the possibility of online simplified ball screw calculation.