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Shuton is a leading company in the design and manufacture of high performance ball screws located in the Basque Country, central focus and leader of the machine tool industry in the north of Spain.



Shuton is focused on the continuous innovation of our precision ball screws and the search for new solutions for the needs of our customers. From this continuous development was result the SHUTON COMPLEX technology.

SHUTON COMPLEXprecision ball screw range has been the result of an internal development of the R+D+ i department in the technological centre that we have in our facilities, and is based among other points on the selection of materials and its thermal treatment, and on the innovation of the ball recirculation system of the nut through our own method "wind tunnel", allowing a great movement smoothness..

SHUTON COMPLEX technology supposes an increase of the dynamic and static load capacities of the balls screw, and a considerable increase of its rigidity, attaining a greater fatigue life and capacity to work under more extreme conditions.

This technology allows us to improve the temperature and the noise, permitting to raise the accelerations and the feed speeds above 100m/min, allowing to improve the machining times of the parts in the productivity wise most demanding sectors, such as the automotive and aeronautics sectors.



The great achievement of SHUTON COMPLEX technology consists in considerably increasing the axial rigidity of the ball screw without impairing the smoothness of movement and without increasing the preload torque, therefore, without generating an increase in temperature. This is what we call "Efficient Rigidity": the highest possible rigidity with the lowest preload/temperature.

The parallel improvements in materials, treatments and processes, and innovations in the design of the precision ball screw allow a more even distribution of the force that bears the ball screw, contributing to an additional increase in rigidity and to improve the life of the ball screw.

The axial rigidity of the ball screw influences directly in the total rigidity of the drive, which in turn is key to increasing the natural frequency of the system, improving the control parameters Kv and Kp of the engine and therefore improving the jerk. Therefore, the greater rigidity of SHUTON COMPLEX ball screws allows greater accelerations, thus achieving a more dynamic machine.

The increase of rigidity of SHUTON COMPLEX ball screws allows more demanding working conditions without the appearance of the chatter effect and the elimination of the inversion error allowing to improve the finishing of the pieces.



Our knowledge and effort aimed at innovation have resulted in the development of cutting-edge technologies that offer reliability to our customers and the market..

Shuton has its own technological centre and collaborates closely with external technology centres and universities, leading several innovation projects and having various test units for simulating real cycles and measuring of temperatures, noise, the effect of misalignments, vibrations, dirtiness, etc. , that allows us the homologation of new developments.

The components of the precision ball screw are studied with great care, selecting the best materials (reducing residual stresses), thermal treatments (improving the treatment layer) and the use of components such as balls, wipers, MIM deflectors, etc. of the highest quality.

The continuous update and improvement of the manufacturing and control systems, together with the process traceability and the verification of each ball screw, guarantee the supply of the precision ball screws in the most demanding standards.

"Productivity for longer" is one of our leit motifs, which is why we offer our clients advice both for optimal ball screw selection and the best way to use it, with the aim of ensuring the best behaviour of the precision ball screw during its life, achieving better conservation of the preload and greater life of the ball screw, and thus reducing the maintenance costs of the machine.



Our innovative mentality and the continuous search to improve results and respond to new needs have led us to develop new technologies that make SHUTON precision ball screws the most competitive.

This is how SHUTON COMPLEX precision ball screw range was launched, offering ball screws with optimized characteristics for high-performance machine tools and SHUTON HIGH LOADS ball screw range, cutting-edge technology in high-dynamic and high-load ball screws, developed for plastic injection applications, presses and other high-demand applications .

In addition to these product ranges, SHUTON develops specific solutions adapted to the needs of our customers, such as double start ball screws, nuts with cooling systems, triple effect wipers, rotary nut systems, specific profiles, and special nut designs among others.

One of the projects in development at the moment is the Monitoring 4.0, the intelligent ball screw iBALL SCREW, which allows us to anticipate the lack of lubrication, vibrations or an increase in temperature that would hamper the proper use of the ball screw. In this way, we help make maintenance for our customers to be easier and more predictive.

SHUTON “Engineering Service", which has 3-dimensional drawing systems, CAM programming, and different calculation programs; offers its customers comprehensive advice for the selection of the precision ball screw and optimal use for each application, studying the different solutions and detecting new developments needs that may arise.



One of key principles of Shuton is to become the "Best Partner" of our customers. We work to respond to the needs that our customers may have in all aspects of engineering and supply.

Our applied engineering department provides the necessary knowledge both at technical level and at product level, to offer the best solution adapted to customer needs.

Latest generation machines and continuous investment in new equipment allow us to offer an agile and flexible response, offering the best product in the best term, with the possibility of defining adapted supply plans.

Our extensive commercial network has specialized personnel in the main markets around the world, offering a close and personalized service to our customers. Its extensive technical and market knowledge allows us to detect the needs of our customers and offer the appropriate solutions for each case.


More than 40 years in the sector, together with the presence in the main machine tool markets around the world, endorse us as leaders on an international scale.


We have an active and experienced team, of innovative mentality and great capacity for growth and improvement, committed to offer the product and service which best suit the needs of our customers.


Excellence is our key principle that leads us to be present today and in the future as key collaborators of our customers, always providing the most innovative and appropriate product to their needs.


SHUTON "Engineering Service" offers its customers comprehensive advice for the selection of the PRECISION BALL SCREW and definition of the optimal use mode for each application, studying the different solutions and detecting needs of new developments that may arise. Soon we will put at your disposal the possibility of online simplified ball screw calculation.