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SHUTON – New ownership

Dear customer and collaborator,

Shuton S.A., manufacturer of High Precision Ball screws, is delighted to announce that as of 2nd March 2020, Italian based Nadella has acquired the majority stake in SHUTON, previously owned by IAZ Group.

Nadella, founded in 1930, globally headquartered in Milan with a relevant presence in the German market, is one of the leading European based manufacturer in the linear and rotational motion technology solutions, serving major industries such as manufacturing, industrial automation, robotics, transportation, green, pharmaceutical, and medical. With about 300 employees and revenues around €70 million of which over 70% made on foreign markets. Nadella is owned by Funds advised by ICG (Intermediate Capital Group) plc.

Communication from Nadella Group can be found in following link:

All SHUTON team would like to convey all its customers and collaborators their strong will for continuing building SHUTON project, offering high technology ball screws and the best of services.

SHUTON is currently finalizing the definition of its new product catalogue, focused on offering the most efficient response to the most demanding applications in the different sectors. Further information will be soon published in SHUTON website

Being part of Nadella Group will bring SHUTON the opportunity to develop this and other very interesting future projects, for continuing its efforts to offer the best solutions to the different Ball screw application sectors.

SHUTON structure, team and contact points at its Legutiano plant and at its worldwide sales net remain being the same and they are all at your disposal.

SHUTON General Manager, Mr Roberto Mielgo,

SHUTON Commercial Director, Mr Pako Juaristi,



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