Buďte informováni o všech novinkách ve společnosti Shuton


Dear Customer,

Since the Covid-19 crisis started affecting Spain, in Shuton S.A. we have had a great concern for the safety of our work-team and subsequently their close people. Since the first alarm was raised, in Shuton we applied the necessary measures in order to avoid the entry and spread of Covid-19 in the company workforce by enabling and applying resources for distance work and the necessary safety measures for the people that was presently required in the company.

Seeing the evolution of the situation and in its attempts to stop the speed of COVID-19, this weekend, Spanish Government has announced all activities not considered essential for the county must stop their activity from 30th March to 9th April (both inclusive).

The end of this activity halt coincides with the start of Eastern holiday, which will last from 10th till 13th April.

Therefore, we would like to inform you Shuton S.A. is in need to stop its productive activity from today till 13th April. The activities that can be carried out no presently from distance “offices” will continue normally (Commercial Department, Design Department, and Engineering Department).

We are absolutely sorry for the affection this stop may have in your schedule.

We will follow up situation and inform you as soon as we can start production, and will apply all the necessary resources for recovering as soon as possible.

We hope to overcome situation and be at full activity as soon as possible. In the meantime, be safe.

Yours faithfully,




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