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Optimization of Durability of a Ball Screw - XtremDynamics   The high Durability of Shuton ball screws is attained by the improvements of Complex technology, the use of selected materials and the assurance of the correctness of lubrication condition by the application of the ‘Elastohydrodynamic’ lubrication theory.   COMPLEX technology provides an increase of the dynamic and static load capacities of the ball screw, attaining a very high durability with greater fatigue life and capacity to work under the most extreme conditions.   Parallel improvements in materials, treatment and manufacturing processes contribute to an additional increase of the ball screw life, even in highly demanding conditions. Discover more 👇   @[Nadella Group](urn:li:organization:10657222) #Shuton #Machinetool #Ballscrew #engineering  

Optimization of the Performance of a Ball Screw - XtremDynamics   The performance of Shuton Complex ball screws stand out for their capacity to work under the most extreme conditions with a very high durability.   The improvements in rigidity permit higher accelerations and speeds without reducing the useful life, and the increase of the dynamic and static load capacities of the ball screw.   Complex ball screws’ optimized ball recirculation design and the highest geometry accuracy ensure a very low torque variation along the shaft, offering a very smooth rotation and reduced noise levels. Together with this, COMPLEX ball screws show an excellent behaviour in alternate short stroke machining operations at very low speed.   Discover more 👇   @[Nadella Group](urn:li:organization:10657222) #Shuton #Machinetool #Ballscrew #engineering #dynamics  

HIGHER DYNAMICS - Shuton ball screws contribution to the machine XtrenDynamics The optimized rigidity of the COMPLEX ball screws enables an improvement of the natural frequency of the ball screw, which results in the possibility of setting higher accelerations and jerks without the appearance of vibrations. The improvement of accelerations and feed speeds of the drive, avoiding vibrations and keeping optimum temperature and noise levels enables to have a more dynamic machine, therefore, improving the productivity of the machine. Depending on the ball screw configuration and providing the alignment, assembly and lubrication conditions are correct, these highly dynamic ball screws can reach DN values of up to 210.000.   Discover more at: @[Nadella Group](urn:li:organization:10657222) #Shuton #Machinetool #ballscrew #engineering #dynamics


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